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About Calla the Wolf Demon
:skull:Name: Calla the Wolf Demon
:skull:AKA: Cal, Wolf, Demon
:skull:Age: Unknown (Physical Appearance: 16)
:skull:Gender: Female
:skull:Species: Wolf Demon
:skull:Height: unknown
:skull:Date of Birth: October 31 (The day I created her)
:skull:Birth Place: ARK
:skull:Friends: Sonic, Amy, Manic, Shadow, Espio, Mephlies, Scourge, ect.
:skull:Enemies: Mephiles
:skull:Eats/Drinks: Blood, Meat
:skull:Weapon: Gun and Two Blood Red, Silver Psi's
:skull:Theme Song: The Monster
:skull:Likes: Killing, Underworld, Guns, Shadow the Hedgehog :heart:, Darkness, Blood, Pain, Destruction, Suffering, Agony, Killing
:skull:Dislikes: Positive/Cheerful People A Bit, Mephiles (enemy & friend), Pink, Purple, Happy/bright Colors, Nosy People, Brats, Immature people, fools
:skull:Powers: Dark Powers, Telekinesis, Shape Shifting (into a wolf), StarBolts (there black), Vanish/Disappear, Fly, Black Magic, Chaos Powers, Speak To The Dead, Bend Elements, Shadow Shifter
:skull: Main Power: She's an assassin so if you put her to a job she can hid in the shadow's. She can also go in their shadow. So if she gets a job she'll hid in the shadows and get a dagger. She'll put poison on it or she'll summon demons to haunt you. She can also turn into her Mephiles form.
:skull:Weakness: Can't control her powers (she still needs to learn them). She looses control of them when she feels heavy emotion. She also can't control her thirst for blood and her desire for meat, if she smells blood anywhere near her, she is most likely to lose control and go on a killing spree. She feels a power drain at random times when she has used all her energy
:skull:Personality: Dark, Quiet, Mysterious, Contains all her emotions. She gets very annoyed at people who bug her. If someone insults her, she will threaten to kill him/her without hesitation. She's sometimes very annoyed by her sisters (cuz her sisters and her are completely different), If anyone teases her about liking Shadow she'll get mad a bit and do something to them. She only smiles around Shadow, Scourge, Ionic, Mephiles, and Ilousion
:skull:Pet: Stormbringer (Dark/Good Spirit Wolf) Stormbringer is her pet but is also her guardian. She is very protective of her. She stays in Callas pack unless she calls her or is in danger. She refers to Calla as "Deadly"
:skull:Past: Was sent by her father (Blackarms) from the ARK to go to the Earth and take his army to take over the whole world. But she was cursed with a prophecy, for if she will be the commander of the army she will die a horrible death. She wanted to lead the army for her father but couldn't for she was stuck on the ARK and because of the curse. Before Calla knew it her father gave her a necklace to help her and on the necklace was a black charm. She was confused a bit about what he gave her but didn't care at the moment for G.U.N had come to the A.R.K Space Colony. The Professor Gerald Robotnik told her, Shadow, and Maria to run. She and Shadow took Maria but the hands and ran with her to the escape pods. Before she knew it Maria threw Shadow and Calla in the escape pod. But before she could pull the lever Maria got shot from a G.U.N soldier. Calla who was sad and mad, lost control of her powers and killed half of the G.U.N soldiers. Shadow tried to stop Calla, but got hurt. As soon as she realized that Shadow was hurt, she turned back to her normal self, and woke up Shadow they looked at each other and kissed. Mephiles, in his anger, wanted to kill Shadow the Hedgehog. When they got back to the escape pods, they left the ARK and G.U.N caught Calla and Shadow. They said that Shadow and Calla had to sleep for 50 years. She was sad that her and Shadow were separate. But she only slept for 12 years and G.U.N tried to stop her but she turned dark and killed every last person in G.U.N. She ran off and found her father Blackarms with Mephiles. Being abused by her father and treated as a slave she had bruises and cuts on her body. She was covered in blood and scars. She escaped from her father but villains heard how powerful she was. She had to hide from them or they would take take her powers away and beat her up. She faced so many villains and demons, the demons wanted to take control of her. Her best friend, Mephiles wanted to harness the power of the the dark Wolf demon so she could take over the world. For Calla had a jewel in her body somewhere, they said that jewel had this power to make someone the true, powerful, ultimate life form she still has the jewel in her body somewhere but her sword hand is really strong *hint*.

CLIFF HANGER!!! :dummy:

:skull: Emotions:
• Anger- Eyes turn full black with red and looses control
• Sadness- Eyes are normal (blood tears)
• Happiness- Smiles slightly, never a lot



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I think I'm in LOVE with Links voice on this rap!!!!!!!!!…
Yea I am in love with his voice XD
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Calla Hunting Wolf
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
About me:
I'm a HUGE Jeff the killer, Eyeless Jack, BEN, and Slenderman fangirl! Shadow, Scourge, Mephiles fangirl don't judge Me DX! If you ever mess with me or my family and friends you'll regret it! I love Sonic, Inuyasha, any anime series, adventure, mystery, horror, romance, CreepyPasta, Wolves, and Halloween! I love to draw and listen to music a lot, and I think that's all you need to know

My love:
I'm singal

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:iconscreamstar: She is the best mom ever. She'll be there for her friends & family when ever. Do anything to her you'll pay & I MEAN IT
:iconxxxhardknockxxx: He's the BEST dad ever. He'll be there for friends & family when ever. Do anything to him you'll pay & I mean it
:iconmakerofchaos117: Very kind, funny, smart, I like his voice (XD) he's an awesome brother, he also makes great stories
:iconsonicking9: Very funny, kind, smart, he always makes me laugh
:iconblackwarrior33: Very, kind, brave, funny, he'll be the best brother/friend for you
:iconskarzthehedgehog: he's awesome I don't really know that much about him (yet)
Older sis:
:iconrphedgie: She has awesome characters, kind, funny, a great RPer
:iconsunnythehedgehog217: All I can say she's very helpful
:iconhoodiegirl924: I LOVE her stories so much they're just that AWESOME I want to be in one of her stories one day and I'll put her in some of mine
:iconmidnighwolf45: So many things even if we get in fights she's still my best friend
:iconfangthewolf777: She has a cool character I don't know much about her though she makes great stories
:icon56t: is my slender insane shadow lover sister who gets pissed if you touch her chain saw!
:iconbellaluna1213: I don't know much about her so I don't know
:iconstar-tf: she's an awesome auntie
:iconsilverpineneedle: Don't know much about him
:iconbabygurlpolly: She's an awesome artist and as well an awesome daughter
Cat ->:iconthefistknuckles: He's an awesome cat
Lion -> :iconshadowxdarkshade74: I love my lion so much I never had one before XD
Creepy Bunny -> :iconhekkoto: She's an awesome creepy bunny that I hope I never lose
:iconnissthehedgehog: well I think the she's beautiful cuz I Skype with her before & well she looks better than me

Enemies: [You don't want to be on here]
:iconzackthewolf007: A.K.A :iconxxzackthewolfxx:

What am i:…

Result: Koga

You got the outgoing wolf demon Koga. He is very protective of you and is not afraid to tell the world his feeling for you. You mean everything to Koga and he is not letting you go any time soon.

Kageo and the Inuyasha gang were once again on the search for the Sacred Jewel when Inuyasha stopped.
"What is it?" Kagome asked, rushing to his side.
Inuyasha growled, "Its that stupid wo-" but he was cut off when something- or more like someone- jumped on his, smashing his face into the ground.
"Hey everyone," he said, waving hello. Ginta and Hakkaku were not too far away, standing on the hill Koga had jumped from.
"Koga, get off him," Kagome scolded. The wolf did as she asked and then Inuyasha bolted up, ready to attack him.
"Why you stupid wolf, I'm going to pound your skull in," the dog demon hissed, pulling out his sword.
"Bring it, pup," Koga challenged, getting in a fighting stance. Kagome was about to stop the fight but you beat her to the gun, standing in front of Koga.
"Don't fight Inuyasha. We have more important things on hand," Kageo told him. Everyone was a little shocked that you stepped in front of Koga but it didn't cross your mind that moment. This wasn't the first time Kageo met the crazy wolf and slowly, over time, you had grown to love him. Kageo couldn't tell if he liked you back but you hoped he did.
Kageo saw out of the corner of your eye Shippo whisper to Miroku, "did she just protect Koga?"
"Move, Kageo" Inuyasha growled. Kageo shook your head and stood your ground. Suddenly, a hand was put on Kageo shoulder and was pulling you behind someone. Koga looked at you and smiled.
"You don't need to protect me Kageo. Thats my job," he said and smiled at Kageo before turning to Inuyasha and jumping at him, starting the fight.
~Little Time Skip~
After the fight was over, both demons were scratched up and out of breath. Everyone agreed it would be best to treat their wounds and find shelter for the night. Much to Inuyasha's dislike, Koga and his friends stayed with you guys. Kagome was treating the half demons wounds so Kageo went to treat Koga's. Being the stubborn person he could be, he sat outside the cave they had found, staring at the moonlit sky.
"Hey Koga," Kageo called. He turned to look at you and smiled.
"Kageo, come treat me?" he asked.
"Yeah," Kageo answered.
"Well you don't have to. The dumb mutt didn't land a single scratch on me," he said confidently. Kageo rolled your eyes and once she reached him, you poked his left arm and he hissed on pain, showing that he clearly had been injured.
"Not injured eh?" Kageo said and smirked. He smiled sheepishly and chuckled.
"Gotta be tough. It comes with being an Alpha of a pack," he said as Kageo tended to his wounds.
"Yeah but its ok to show weakness once in a while. Let others protect you," Kageo told him, looking down at his arm. He laughed and shook his head.
"Not a chance. If I did that, who would be the one to protect you?" he said and looked at you in the eyes. Kageo heart started beating fast and she blushed like mad. Kageo had known the wolf wasn't afraid to show his feeling, espically when it came to love, but it was different when he was talking about her. Koga had shown feeling for Kagome so Kageo was unsure if what he was saying was the truth.
"But Kagome-" Kageo started.
"What about her?" Koga questioned, confused.
"Don't you want to protect her instead? I know you care for her instead of me," Kageo whispered sadly. Kageo felt a hand grab her chin and force her to look at Koga. His blue eyes looked deep into hers.
"It is true that I loved Kagome for a while-" this pulled at your heart, "but that dog has her. Once she was gone I got to see what I was missing and it was you, Kageo. I will protect you with my life. I love you." he said and then captured her lips with his. Kageo was shocked to hear everything at once but it all left her mind as Kageo kissed Koga. All the emotions he felt for her, Kageo sensed in the kiss. When Kageo broke apart for air, she smiled at him and he smiled at her.
"You are my world, Kageo and I'm not letting you go," he said firmly and kissed her once more…

Result: Inuyasha

You got Inuyasha! This silly Half-Demon can be very stubborn and dense but putting those qualities aside, he can be very caring, protective and sweet. You are his whole world and he will do anything to keep you safe.


As you crawled out of the Well with Kagome, you were greeted with bright sunlight and a smiling Shippo.
"Kagome, Kageo you guys came back!" The little fox demon cheered.
"Of course Shippo," Kagome said smiling. You then followed Shippo to the village where you found everyone else sitting in a hut. Miroku had a slap print in his face again and Sango was glaring at the monk with Kirara by her side. Inuyasha sat with them as well, his sword Tetsusaiga stood next to him.
"Hey guys!" you called smiling. Everyone waved and said a hello back, glad to see you and Kagome back.
"How were your "tests"?" Sango asked.
"Alright but I'm sure they could have gone better," Kageo answered, sitting down. Kageo, Kagome, Sango, Miroku and Shippo all started talking and you looked over at Inuyasha to see he was look at you strangely.
"You alright Inuyasha?" Kageo asked him. He seemed to snap out of his daze and he looked away quickly.
"Yeah what makes you think otherwise?" he snapped. Kageo looked at him and giggle silently, noticing the faint red in his cheeks. The truth was, you really liked Inuyasha. From his golden eyes to even his stubborn attitude. He never failed to make you smile and he was protective of everyone, even if he denied the good things he had done.
"Oh nothing," Kageo giggled and then turned back to your chatting friends.
~Time skip~
"Ahhhh!" Kageo woke up screaming, another nightmare waking you from your sleep. Kageo had always had trouble sleeping, even when she was a young child. The nightmares had just occured recently ever since you came to the Fedual Era with Kagome. Kageo heard someone else gasp and heard Inuyasha rush to your side.
"What happened? What's going on? Where is the demon?" Inuyasha demaned, pulling out Tetsusaiga.
"No, no there is no demon. Sorry, I just had a nightmare," Kageo said, blushing in embarrasment.
The dog demon sighed, "jeez, you've been having too many lately," he muttered quietly. Kageo head snapped in his direction. He noticed? why? Kageo wondered. He seemed to know what you were thinking then and his cheeks went red.
"I-Its not like I noticed or anything," he stuttered.
Kageo smiled, "thank you, Inuyasha," you whispered.
He raised an eyebrow at you, "for what?"
"For protecting us all the time and for being there for all of us," Kageo said. He looked at you and smiled a little.
"It's nothing," he said and then sat down beside you," Suddenly, he wrapped an arm around Kageo shoulder and pulled her close.
"Inuyasha, what-"
"Just be quiet and sleep. I'll keep you safe," he mumbled, looking away, trying to hide is very noticeable blush. Kageo couldn't help but smile and nodded.
"Ok," Kageo said simply. Kageo leaned up to him and kissed his cheek, then cuddled into his chest. He blushed but smiled, holding you close. The last thign you remember before falling into a dream filled sleep was the softness of Inuyasha lips on your head and him whispering, "I will always protect you, Kageo"

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